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How to apply Gel

The first ten steps in preparing to apply gels nails are the most important as these steps will determine success or failure:


  1. Clean your hands and spray with anti-bac.
  2. Push the cuticles back with an orangestick.
  3. Lightly buff the shine off the nail with a 100/180 grit file.
  4. Apply the tip. Ensure you have selected the correct size for each nail, do this first and lay them out from large to small for each nail. Cut the tip to the desired length.
  5. Run line eliminator across the seamline of each tip and blend with a file.
  6. Gently buff the shine off the tip (do not do this if you are using airbrushed or tips with a design, only do this for natural coloured tips).
  7. Remove all the dust from your nails with a nail brush.
  8. Spray the nail again with Anti-bac.
  9. Apply nail prep to the natural part of the nail - this removes the excess oils from the nail plate. Allow to thoroughly dry.
  10. Apply a dab of primer to the centre of each nail on the natural nail part. Be careful not to get this on the cuticles and only a sparingly small amount is required. Allow to dry thorougly. The primer sets down the chemical base for the gel to adhere to.


You are now ready to apply the Gel:


  1. Follow the preparation process as per acrylic nails.
  2. Apply a thin coat of gel to each nail on one hand at a time. You only need a small amount of gel on the brush. Pracice using the dribble techique where you load the brush, touch the brush onto the nail and then lift the brush and move the brush across the nail but above the nail to let the gel dribble down, the gel will self level on the nail.
  3. Turn the hand upside down for 20 seconds, this allows the gel to centre
  4. Be sure not get any gel on the cuticles because if you cure it with gel on the cuticles this will cause lifting. To remove excess gel around the cuticles use a orangewood stick to run around the edge of the cuticle to remove it,
  5. Depending on the size lamp you have:


9 Watt Lamp - 3 minutes for each coat - one hand will take 6 minutes because you can only do four fingers and then you will have to do your thumb separately as it is impossible to get all five fingers under the lamp comfortably.


36 Watt lamp - first coats (before final coat) 90 seconds curing time.



  1. Do not wipe off the sticky residue or touch your nails yet.
  2. Continue to apply thin coats and cure, we recommend at least 3 coats.  When you have cured the last coat you then wipe off the sticky residue with Cleanser Plus and a lint free cloth (I use a cotton ball soaked in Cleanser Plus).
  3. Thin coats are better than thick coats, a thick coat may not cure properly.
  4. To clean your brush, put some Cleanser Plus on a lint free cloth and wipe the brush over it gently.  Put the brush somewhere where it will not pick up dust and will remain clean.


When curing your nails make sure the gel pot is no where near the lamp (or you will end up curing it to a degree and ruining the gel).


Gel can not be soaked off - drilled off or file only.



This information is given as a guide only and BMNE Direct takes no responsibility.



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