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Firstly we will go through some of the claims made in the industry and what to watch out for.



Alot of glues out there claim to be medical grade, what does this mean? A medical grade glue is used for surgery applications by medical professionals and it means that it is sterile. Once the bottle is opened and used the sterility is compromised. I can't see any beauticians applying eyelashes using "medical grade" glue disposing of the remainder of the bottle after it has been used once. Use of the term "medical grade" is somewhat misleading when applied to eyelash extension adhesive and is clearly a marketing ploy.



Always do an allergy test with the glue before you start, dab a very small amount onto your arm and see if you react over a 24 hour period. If you do have a reaction, do not use the glue.



DO NOT buy glue from China (especially the ones sold on eBay). We bought in and tested 3 different glues from eBay and were horrified at what we received. The glues were in small purple bottles. As soon as the bottle was opened the fumes took over. As soon as you attempted to place the lash the eyes started to tear up, headaches started and a dizzy feeling accompanied with feeling nauseous. This glue is dangerous and clearly contains large amounts of formaldahyde and is probably a coloured super glue with who knows what solvents included. If you got a drop or dab of this is your eyes you would undoubtedly be in for serious problems and possibly some sort of permanent damage to your eye. After using these glues I had serious blurring for 3 days.



The better the adhesive quality the higher the prices. Whether you have sensitive eyes of not you should be looking for a glue for sensitive eyes, a glue that does not have fumes or formaldahyde.



Applying lashes to your own lashes



It is not as hard as you may think.... it just takes a little practice and patience initially, but once you get the hang of it you will be off and running with beautiful lashes.



What do you need:



Adhesive for sensitive eyes - preferably black colour
Flare eyelashes, perhaps starting with 10mm and 8mm lengths, try and match the length of your own lashes for a really natural look.
Tweezers - a good pair that meet at the tip, if the tips don't meet you will not be able to pick up and hold the lashes wth the tweezers.
Stone - this is a flat piece of stone used for putting your dab of glue onto as it will keep the glue cool and prevent it trying out quickly, you can also use a small piece of foil.



Good lighting will also help.



Single or Flare Lashes - Starting our flare lashes are going to be alot easier to start with because positioning them onto the your own lases is a lot easier, I would recommend the lashes that do not have a knot at the base as using the ones without a knot will look a lot more natural. Individual lashes - one single lash, are probably better applied by someone else because trying to do this yourself will be near impossible when trying to line it up with one of your own single lashes.

Types of Lashes



Flare Lashes
Strip Lashes
Individual Silk Lashes


With strip lashes, a different type of glue is used to apply these to the eyelid, it is usually a latex based adhesive which can be easily peeled off or removed with warm water.


Step by Step:



  1. Makes sure your lashes are clean and oil free.
  2. Get your kit out and lay everything out - glue, tweezers, stone(for putting glue onto or you can use foil), lash brush and lashes. Getting started I would recommend the flare lashes rather than single lashes.
  3. Pick up a flare lash and practice positioning it onto your lashes, before you dip it into the adhesive, this will help you get the tweezer angle and the lash angle right before applying it.
  4. Start at the outer side of your lashes and work your way in towards your nose.
  5. Pour out a very small amount of adhesive onto your stone or foil.
  6. Dip the base of the flare into adhesive, try not to get glue all the way up the lashes, you only need a small dab at the base.
  7. Get ready to position the lash. Run the base of the lash, which is has the adhesive on it, along about a third of your own lash, this is going to spread out the adhesive along your own lashes for better adhesion.
  8. Position the lash, do not position it on your eyelid, position it just up from the base of your own lashes.
  9. Continue along until you have finished, you will probably need 10-15 lashes per eye.
  10. Try not to get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours.


Your new lashes will fall out as your own lashes fall out and when this happens you only need to do a little maintenance by popping on a new flare. They will probably last about 2-3 weeks if you look after them. Try not to rub your eyes excessively, do not pull your extensions off as this will rip out your own lashes, rather than use a debonder try to let them fall naturally. Try not to use waterproof mascara and apply any mascara if you need to, gently so as to not rip the adhesion point of the flare on your own lashes.

We searched far and wide and found this adhesive which is formaldahyde free, definitely no fumes and is waterprooof and is the only glue we found we could use in self application.


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