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Full Cover Foil Application

Applying Full Cover Foils

Full Cover Nail Foils

These foil covers are available through BMNE Direct with over 25 designs in stock. The look fantastic on nails whether they be short or long and are easy to apply. This guide will give you some tips and application techniques.

Through trial and error we think this is the easiest and best way to apply these foils.

If you have short nails you need to make sure you have some free edge over the fingertip. You need this so you can file the foil back to the nail after application.

  1. Buff your nails down gently to remove the shine and any oils on the nail. If you have some nail prep use that as well, the nail prep will dehydrate the plate for about 30 mins.
  2. Select a suitable size for each nail, remove it gently from the sheet and position on the nail. With a cuticle stick or rubber pusher, gently rub the foil down, you can also do this with your fingers and apply pressure at the same time. With the excess on the free edge fold this under the finger until you have down all the nails. Make sure you do not apply the foil to the cuticle or it will eventually lift, you are after a tight seal on the nail.
  3. When you have down all the nail, grab a small pair of nail scissors and trim off the excess as close to the nail free edge as you can. With a gentle file, file downwards on the free edge --|, keep the file straight up and down because if you angle it you will remove the foil from the edge of the nail, you want to file so that the end of the foil is flush with the nail. File the side of the nail if necessary. You must file gently so as not to rip the foil. We recommend our diamond dust file or a gold file for natural nails to do this job.
  4. Grab your hairdryer and put it on a warm gentle setting, hold the foiled nails about 15cm away and warm up the foils on the nails, after this, using your fingers press the decals down and hold for a few seconds.

  1. Can I put my hands in water?
    Yes, if you have applied the foil properly there should be no where for water to get in. We do, however, recommend using gloves if you are washing your hair or are going to have your hands in water for a bit of time.

  2. How long with they last on my nails?
    This is like asking how long is a piece of string. There are so many variables that will determine how long they last, such as the initial application, how hard you are on your nails, chemicals you have had your nails in etc. Generally a week is a good indication, if you are careful with your nails you will get longer.

  3. The edges are lifting, will they come off?
    If you find the edges are lifting, press down with your fingers for a minute or use the hairdryer to warm them up and apply pressure to reseal them to the nail.

  4. Can I apply top coat to them?
    We don't recommend it because you don't know how the foils will react with the top coat you want to use, test your top coat on a cut off piece to see if it reacts. But really, there is no need to apply a top coat as the foils are shiny without the need of any enhancement.

  5. Can I use them with acyrlic or gel?
    We recommend doing a test with your products first before going ahead, leave the foil for about an hour after you have done the test to give any reaction time to show.

  6. My foils are wearing away on the nail free edge?
    This is normal after a few days were and is the same as if you had nail polish on, you know how it wears away.

  7. How do I remove them?
    Easy, soak your hand in warm soapy water for about 10 mins and then gently peel them off from side to side or you can warm them up with the hairdryer and peel them.

This information is given as a guide only and BMNE Direct takes no responsibility.

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