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Dried Flowers

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Suitable for using in acylic or gel nails.

Easy to apply: 1. Glue onto the nail with nail glue, make sure the flower is flush on the nail. 2. Allow glue to dry. 3. Apply acylic or gel overlay onto the nail and over the flower.

For use on a natural nail:
1. Apply basecoat and polish onto the nail. 2. Apply a small dab of glue to where the flower will be on the nail, using a toothpick spread the glue a little. 3. Apply the flower onto the glue. 4. Let the glue dry, finish with Glass seal or a uv gel topcoat.

Product Image Item Name- Price
Medium Purple Flowers

Medium Purple Flowers

Suitable for acrylic, gel or nail art. Real dried flowers.


Red Fantasy Dried Flowers

Red Fantasy Dried Flowers

Suitable for acrylic, gel and nail art applications. Real dried flowers.


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