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Nail art foils - easy to apply

Apply nail art adhesive in a design or all over the nail, let it dry, when it is dry it is tacky, do not touch it, lay your foil over the adhesive and gently rub with a plastic cuticle pusher, lift your foil. If you have missed areas, apply adhesive to that area and repeat the process. Seal with nail art top coat. Foils can be embedded into gels, acrylic and applied over nail polish.

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White Gold Foil Refil

White Gold Foil Refil

Use on gel, acrylic or natural nails, can be applied with nail art adhesive. Cover the entire nail or create designs. 30cm.


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Predesigned French Nail Decals

Predesigned French Nail Decals
$5.00  $4.00
16 decals per sheet, 8 sizes X 2 of each size. Easy to apply: 1. apply a ti
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